Christian Heritage College

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CHC is a fully accredited private higher education provider located at Carindale, Brisbane, that aspires to model a Christian higher education alternative. Commencing from a vision birthed by Order of Australia recipient, Emeritus Professor Brian Millis in 1986, CHC exists to re-imagine how we think about human flourishing, vocation, calling and the integration of faith and learning across all fields of human endeavour.

At CHC, we passionately believe that to educate – stemming from the root word, educe, “to draw out” – requires a process of formation and holistic development. CHC courses are therefore not just about gaining a degree or a specific skill set for future employment (as important as these are) but, rather, the development of whole persons. Arthur Holmes once contended: The question to ask about education is not “What can I do with it?” but rather “What is it doing to me – as a person?” Education – good higher education – has to do with the making of persons.

CHC specializes in degree level courses that are people shaping and people making. Our courses celebrate people making principles and are taught by an exceptional staff who integrate faith-learning imperatives in all that they do. With over 25 courses across five major fields – Business, Education & Humanities, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Ministries – CHC provides a Christian alternative for students seeking a university-level qualification. Whilst our courses are taught from a Christian perspective, we welcome students from all backgrounds and traditions.

Our alumni are found in professions across the globe and some are best practice leaders in their chosen fields. We invite you to join over 2,500 graduates and experience the CHC difference. Please feel welcome to visit the campus and meet our friendly staff and students. You will be surprised by the advantages offered by affordable, private, Christian higher education that seeks to transform students to transform their world.

In today’s business world, you need to be intuitive, focused and entrepreneurial. The role of business is to make the world a better place – creating wealth and well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices. With our CHC Business Courses we focus on missional business – establishing real, sustainable and profitable businesses with a Kingdom of God purpose and perspective.

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